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Akaya Windwood

Akaya is internationally recognized for elevating the effectiveness of leadership and collaboration in the nonprofit and social benefit sectors. Her vision for our global community includes infusing a sense of purpose, delight and wonder into everything we do. She has a life-long commitment to working for a fair and equitable society, and before joining WiseBridge, Akaya led the Rockwood Leadership Institute for over a decade.

Maritza Schafer

Maritza  is a seasoned change-maker with global experience in transformational work. A bilingual and multicultural communicator, she is a recognized leader in the social justice and non-profit sectors for her work on human rights, environmental issues, racial justice, women’s rights, economic equity, LGBTQ  rights, and transpersonal growth. Maritza has experience working with technology start-ups, non-profit organizations and the private sector, and is absolutely certain that the future is bright.

Laura Dellinger

Laura  is nationally recognized for high impact strategy that transforms behavior, policies, systems, and culture to foster a more just and sustainable world. Laura believes in the power of “we” in creating inclusive, thriving communities around the globe. Her work spans the public, non-profit and private sectors on issues including health and well-being, education, social justice & human rights. For the past 6 years, she served as the President of Metropolitan Group, a national social change agency and certified B corporation,, where she was a principal for more than two decades.

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