In the face of Covid, a spike in hate crimes, and the global rise of fascism, leaders need one another more than ever.  The solutions we need don’t lie in any individual sector, but rather require all of us to come together in ways we never have before.  Current times demand that leaders step out of their individual, organization-focused efforts, and become leaders for positive social change. To sustain change that addresses our planet’s greatest needs, we must make a deep commitment to and investment in relationships amongst leaders tackling the biggest challenges of our time: from creating equitable and profitable organizations, to fighting fascism, climate catastrophe, and wealth inequality, to name just a few.

WiseBridge is offering a brand new training focused on helping leaders:

  • Build relationships with each other to ensure a strong, diverse, and vibrant community
  • Develop skills for leading in uncertain and polarized times
  • Connect with their deepest purpose and align with what is most needed from them to contribute to the movement in this time
  • Understand and incorporate self-care practices that sustain them overtime

Over the course of 4 days and 3 nights, we’ll begin building a resilient community by:

  • Honing listening skills
  • Learning how to give and receive feedback
  • Having effective difficult conversations
  • Examining power and privilege, and its impact on the work
  • Spending time together, having deep conversations in nature
  • Learning and applying tools that give you shared language in the work


Day 1: From Me to We – Becoming Community

  • Community Meeting: Who am I? (Being) Why I said yes? What’s my work?
  • Community Agreements: How we’ll be together
  • The Current Context for our work
  • The Social/Emotional impact of leading now – Trauma and Activism
  • Personal Values mapping
  • Noticing (the activist’s best friend) shared space + divergent space

Day 2: Why the World Needs US and WE need the World

  • Change as Transformation over Transaction
  • Power and Privilege: structural mechanisms that elevate some and place others in positions of distress
  • Expressing OUR Purpose: How we share it is as important as Why we do it
  • Listening, Feedback, and Difficult Conversations

Day 3: Collaboration and Movement Building

  • Underlying Values in OUR WORK: Understanding and elevating a community values frame in moement building
  • Relationship Building for Social Impact: cultivating and stewarding relationships; reciprocity and shared ownership for transformation.
  • Collaboration or Coordination? Moving to sustained engagement from involvement; Embodying shared values at the community level.
  • Is how I’ve done it, the best way I could do it?
  • Celebrating Community – Party

Day 4: Radical Self Care + Leading for the Long Term

Explore practices that sustain you, attract other change makers and foster sustainable change.

  • Courage and Compassion: living your expressed values, compassion fatigue, self compassion; what does it mean to change how we are in the world?
  • Generosity: the meaning, roots, and science of generosity; the practice of generosity as a tool for healing.
  • Resilience: dropping the notion of suffering as the normative way of being a change-maker
  • Excellence and Effectiveness: Exploring simplicity as excellence, and effectiveness as sustained impact


WiseBridge principals Maritza Schafer and Laura Dellinger will be your trainers for Leading in Uncertain Times.

WiseBridge is a Consulting, Training and Coaching company committed to creating a world where people and planet thrive.



Maritza is a seasoned changemaker with global experience in transformational work. A bilingual (Spanish) and multicultural communicator and strategist, she is a recognized leader in the social justice sector for her work on human rights, environmental issues, racial justice, women’s rights, and transpersonal growth. She has worked with corporations and non-profit organizations, most recently as Global Campaign Leader for Oceans at Greenpeace International.



Laura is nationally recognized in the US for high impact strategy that transforms behavior, policies, systems, and culture. Her work spans the public, non-profit, foundation and private sectors. A life long social justice advocate, Laura has worked on a range of issues, from health, education and environmental conservation to LGBTQI rights, gender and racial equity. Prior to WiseBridge, Laura was a principal with Metropolitan Group, a US based social change agency and B corporation where she served as President for six years.